Welcome to our database! We are glad you found our page. Understanding nonviolent tactics and methods is key to carrying out successful campaigns of civil resistance. This database is a collection of over 300 nonviolent tactics, or discrete methods deployed to achieve a limited goal, which will continue to be updated to reflect the ever-changing and growing field of nonviolence.

Nonviolence International, and our Executive Director Michael Beer, have created this database by adding to Gene Sharp’s original list of 198 nonviolent methods in order to provide an updated guide for modern nonviolent movements. We intend our work to be helpful to nonviolent activists, researchers, and newcomers all the same. Currently, you can view our data as a raw data set, although we are in the process of developing more user friendly web pages.


We want to thank the activists, artists, and photographers who have contributed to our website by making their work available as public domain images. The images on this page as well as throughout the rest of our database are courtesy of their incredible work and generosity.



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